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Just Sign in Through Steam! Hit the login button above and you'll always have quick access to your statistics from any page!

To find someone elses profile, find their Steam Community profile and paste the URL into the box above.

Why are some names on the leaderboards greyed out?

We can't reliably get a user's Steam profile from the game database. The names we do have are from profiles that have been visited on this website.

What's new?


I've been informed that the site was using the wrong stat for Thomas Gun kills - this issue has been rectified.

Also, experience progress totals for levels < 30 should be correct now (?).


Hello everyone. The site was temporarily unavailable while the domain registration lapsed. This was because I was unsure whether I wanted to continue maintenance of the project since it has mostly been at personal cost. On the other hand, people want this project to exist because when it goes down it's inevitable that someone reaches out to me. I don't play SAR anymore but I hear the project is popular enough since the game never got the official leaderboards implemented.

Active development and interest stopped when I was told that I wouldn't be getting official support of any kind and that this project could and would be hung out to dry at a moment's notice. Thus it meant I did not want to actively put time/money into this project, etc.

I think we're at a point where a status quo won't change, and so I'll be doing what I should have done two years ago which is add some financial incentive to keep me motivated and this project alive. Obviously I can't offer much, but I'd like to integrate a proper donation reward system and grant a little icon next to the names of users who donated throughout the site.

Additionally, I am sitting on a lot of daily snapshots of profile data that could easily be put into a historical format. This is another project that needs to be done.

Thanks to those who have put money towards the ko-fi I didn't really advertise very well, since it's almost helped the project break even. :3


  • General maintenance.
  • Fix longstanding issue with leaderboard pages failing to load due to missing player data.
  • Added S.A.W. vs Rebellion categories. Some statistics still need to be added.


  • This long-awaited update uses the new level system for experience tracking, and adds descriptors for many new statistics. Sorry, I haven't launched the game since February.


  • Twitch broke the website for who knows how long.


  • I've created a Ko-fi page for I currently don't make any money from this project (I have not set up any ads, because the traffic is very low). If you like this project, I would really appreciate if you could throw a couple bucks my way. I am currently paying for hosting and DNS out of pocket, so I may take the project down if I run into financial problems. Give me a reason to keep it going @w@
  • Added support for new stats.


  • Users may now sign in and attempt an account relink from their profile page. This is necessary if you find yourself with duplicate profile data caused by problems with the game.


  • Fixed a bug where computed stats would not be generated in some cases.


  • Fixed playtimes (sorry for leaving this so long...)


  • New calculated leaderboards.


  • New navbar! Fresh logo!
  • Fix load hangs on improper user searches.


  • Some style changes.
  • Moved to


  • Streams!
  • Sign in through Steam for quick access to your own profile!
  • Improvements for mobile browsing.
  • Added support for new statistics added in today's game update.
  • Reordered categories to keep them consistent (Solo, Duos, Squads, Combat, Miscellaneous).


  • Statistics on player profiles now link back to each leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard statistics are now given on each profile, if in the top 100.
  • Now using time delta for updates instead of absolute dates.


  • Added new calculated stats (KDR, Win%, Top%)
  • Stats groups are now consistently organised.
  • Added level progress.
  • Added 'player since' value.


  • FAQ...
  • Added profile lists to the home page.
  • Leaderboards!
  • Added recent/new profiles to the index page.
  • UI cleanup.
  • SteamID -> Player ID resolution is now saved to reduce API calls, and page load time.
  • Added error pages for users with no game profile.


  • Prototype site launched at